Country / Town Garden Designers & Landscapers
Warwickshire, Oxfordshire & the West Midlands

.Garden design and garden making are our passions. We pride ourselves in being country garden landscapers and town garden designers, Based in the West Midlands, we work mainly across Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. This is not the world of garden makeovers but the creation of an imaginative and beautiful place where we seek sanctuary, peace and beauty: a place to enjoy.

As country garden designers and town garden landscapers we offer a full range of services from design of the garden and planting schemes to full landscaping and construction. We are based in Warwickshire but have also created gardens in Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, London and the West Midlands.

.Consultation - County & Town Garden Design

After the initial meeting we discuss your ideas and requirements for the garden design. We discuss the type of Character and Style you want and go into detail such as favorite plants and colours. Importantly we will also discuss your budget at this stage to ensure that we are working with the same parameters This first meeting usually takes about 1 hour and is key to the development of the overall design.


.Imagination - Country / Town Garden Landscapers

This is the second discussion where we spend some time reviewing photographs from books and magazines to really help focus on your likes and dislikes for the design and construction of your garden. Now we are in the position to produce the initial concept drawings and designs: these we review together and discuss in detail to ensure you are happy with the direction of design.

.Creation - Implementation of Garden Design

The next stage after seeing the initial exciting ideas is to go to full design. This stage is when all details are finalised. t his detail will cover hard landscaping materials, the planting plan, timing for the work on the project and final costing. The final quotation for the project is the price we will finish the garden for. There are no "suddenly appearing" extras.

.Completion - Professional Approach From Start to Finish

This is the time when you see the dream become reality and the garden takes shape. All gardens take time to mature and our hope is that you will be thrilled with the finished garden but will enjoy and appreciate it even more over time.

Garden Landscapers and Designers - Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands & East Midlands

Working on a wide variety of different projects gives NDK invaluable design experience. It also means that we can confoidently say that we are experts in both country garden design and town garden design. Listed below are the specific services we offer in our primary areas.

  • Country Garden Designers Warwickshire
  • Country Garden Landscapers Warwickshire
  • Town Garden Designers Warwickshire
  • Town Garden Landscapers Warwickshire
  • Country Garden Designers Oxfordshire
  • Country Garden Landscapers Oxfordshire
  • Town Garden Designers Oxfordshire
  • Town Garden Landscapers Oxfordshire
  • Country Garden Designers West Midlands
  • Country Garden Landscapers West Midlands
  • Town Garden Designers West Midlands
  • Town Garden Landscapers West Midlands

For more information on any of the garden landscaping or garden designing services that NDK Garden Design provide please contact us or call on 01926 810775.

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