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Current projects

Follow the progress of the projects we are currently working on

Napton - Warwickshire

This is a re-design and update of a small garden in Warwickshire we did 12 years ago. The client wishes to reduce the maintenance element but still retain the strong linear design of the original. The garden is awkward and difficult in a number of ways as it is terraced on a fairly steep and angled site with shared access.


Combroke - Warwickshire

This is an elegant new build property in a lovely location in Warwickshire with a large garden that surrounds the house on three sides. The main area of garden slopes down towards the house. The brief from the client was to create a garden with rooms that had a contemporary feel but which reflected and worked in harmony with the surrounding countryside.



This is an elegant and stylish property and the clients wanted us to reflect this, and incorporate their values, in the garden. Natural materials and a naturalistic feel are important elements as well as providing a setting for children to play and for the adults to entertain. Abundant and elegant planting will complete the scene.


NDK creative approach -

The way that I work is to talk with and listen to the client to get a clear understanding of what the client wants from their garden.

Interpreting these requirements is the most important part of the creative process. Good Design and detailed planning lead to a well executed project.

These two elements of Creativity and Planning are the Value of Good Design.


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our ethics and Process

“Ethics are moral principles that govern a persons behaviour or the conducting of an activity”

Our objective is to leave you with a garden from which you derive pleasure. We are skilled at what we do and we put a lot of effort into doing the job well. Our relationship with the client is important to us.
All initial meetings and the initial design are free of charge. The budget we agree is the price you pay.

The process is straight forward:
Meet – Talk – Understand – Budget – Design
Review – Agree – Plan
Construct – Landscape – Plant – Leave.

Nick Kemp  Director & Designer