Joe Croft

Landscaper - South Wales

Joe, moved from qualified car mechanic 4 years ago to join NDK Garden Design as a trainee Landscaper. He has acquired a new range of skills with admirable speed and professionalism. Joe has worked on small garden projects as well as large country gardens and has an impressive work ethic. He brings dedication and commitment to the project.

Photo of Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp

Director & Designer

The first garden I designed and built was in 1997. The garden was a small and barren space but the creation of this garden was the fulfilment of a long held ambition. My formal design training was at The English Gardening School in London and I started NDK Garden Design in 2001: from these beginnings I have developed my own approach.

Photo of Stefano Paronitti

Stefano Paronitti

Senior Landscaper - London

Stefano has been living and working in London for 12 Years. He runs a team of four skilled Landscapers and Landscape Gardeners. He brings a high level of skill and professionalism to all his work and insists on the highest standards from all of his team.


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