Small and difficult shaped garden but with fabulous views over contryside. The clients wanted a contemporary low maintenance garden which provided privacy and allowed them to enjoy the open views currently masked by a large hedge.

I am very pleased with the design and work that Nick and team carried out. It’s made a huge difference to my garden and I’m looking forward to the summer. The work was professional and to my exact specifications from start to finish. Definitely recommend!

Henna J
Warwickshire - Harbury

March 2023

Garden prior to work starting

March 2023

Marking out new garden layout: establishing new level changes and start of clearance.

March 2023

Construction underway: Bespoke shed, paths and patios. Lighting conduits also being installed.

April 2023

Completion: including lighting and bespoke shed to make maximum us of a difficult shaped end area of the garden.